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George and the Dragon


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Dragon in the rubble is a record of my attempts to become a published author.


Feel free to stop on by any time.  I try to update my blog daily with my thoughts or reviews of books I’ve just read.

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With plans to publish two full length novels and a novela in 2014.  This year should prove to be quite interesting.

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George and the Dragon - Book

George and the Dragon the début novel from Philip Tolhurst

George and the Dragon

Cover by:

Published by: Empyreal Sun

Release date:  23 April 2014

World War II has broken out. The Germans have started to blitz the UK and now they have a new weapon, a weapon so powerful it could end the British war effort before it has even started.

With bombs falling dangerously close to home George Atkins’ mother, Mary, decides to evacuate their home and go to live with his uncle in the heart of English countryside. George’s whole world is turned upside down when five dragons, ridden by Luftwaffe airmen, destroy his uncle’s house. At the same time, with thanks to his father and a group of bumbling British scientists, George becomes the rider of an emerald green dragon he names Spitfire.

The pair and are recruited, albeit reluctantly, by a special unit of the RAF. As the first dragon and rider fighting for the allies, they face the biggest challenge of their lives to save the country from defeat by the Luftwaffe and the evil leader of the Nazi’s forces General von Vogler and his mutant dragon Blitzkrieg.

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Some of my favourite things.

  • Favourite Author:
     Terry Pratchett
  • Favourite Food:
    Pizza usually a Hawaiian with Ham, Pineapple and Sweet corn.
  • Favourite Film:
    Close Encounters of the third kind.
  • Favourite Book:
    The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud
  • Favourite TV Series – Current: The Mentalist
  • Favourite TV Series –
    All Time: Babylon 5

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